24/7 team of live chat agents at $1/hour

Grow your business with AI-powered human interaction and live chat outsourcing. First 10 days are on us. No credit card required.

24/7 team of live chat agents at $1/hour

Grow your business with AI-powered human interaction. First 10 days are on us. No credit card required.

Outsourced customer experience that pays for itself 24/7

30% more leads

30% of customers look for products and services after hours and will choose a business that is there to answer their questions.

10x more conversions

The likelihood of making contact with a lead is 10x higher if customers receive a response within 5 minutes of contact — day or night.

90% higher satisfaction

Offering immediate customer service around the clock is a guaranteed way to make your customers happier.

From signing up to generating leads in 48 hours

We learn about your business.


We train our live chat operator.


We are live!

Better customer experience in 48 hours

You can keep reading, or you can try us FREE for the next 10 days

Better customer experience in 48 hours

You can keep reading, or you can try us FREE for the next 10 days

Why work with us?


250 full-time in-house chat agents. Our chatbot building agency does not employ any freelancers or contractors. All of our agents work under one roof.


Since the inception of live chat management at Chatters, we have generated over 1 million leads for our clients.


We have an entire team that analyzes each response and works on making it better every time.


Automate how you sell, market, and support to accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle. Our team will always be there as backup.


Offering the best live chat software for websites, we can integrate with any live chat management or online chat service software that you use (Intercom, Drift, Olark, Crisp, LiveChat) or install one for you. Chatters satisfies all your needs related to website chat services.


Data security is our top priority. All our agents are under strict non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements.

AI seamlessly integrated with human intelligence

Step 1: A Customer Has A Question
When a customer contacts you, our bot steps in and scans the text to understand your customer needs.

Step 2: Answers Are Suggested
The bot uses its machine learning capabilities to find and suggest the most relevant answers.

Step 3: Customer Reads The Answer
The question is marked as answered, or it is rerouted to one of our human live chat operators for further assistance.

“Providing after-hours support was one of the best investments we made in our customer acquisition and retention. We learned that we missed out on so many potential prospects when we were not there 24/7!
Outside of business hours, customers don’t need to wait
for our email response the next morning ⁠— they can just message us at any time.”

Sebastian T.
CMO, E-Commerce

“The team at Chatters takes customer success to the
next level! We are a lean company, so most of our
employees multitask: from helping with the product to sending emails and answering the live chat. As a result,
we were less effective. After we outsourced the live chat
to Chatters, our team’s productivity increased

Steven B.
President, Insurance Company

Simple pricing

Frequently Asked Questions


What Kind of Questions Can You Answer?

Our agents are well trained to provide both technical and non-technical support questions. On rare occasions, when we are asked a question we are not able to answer, we will transfer the request to your team and notify you immediately.


What If I Need Extra Chats During The Month?

We’re happy to hear about more than expected traffic! You will have an option to upgrade to a larger package or purchase additional chats ad-hoc. The price per additional live agent chat depends on your package.


What Hours Do You Cover

We can provide support at any time! It’s up to you whether you want us to work 24/7, or just provide support during off-hours.


Is There A Minimum Contract Term?

Nope – you pay per month and can stop at any time.


What Happens If I Don’t Use All The Chats In The Month?

No worries! All your unused chats will carry over to the next month.


Is My Data And Customer Information Secure With You?

We never compromise on the security of your data and have implemented stringent data security measures to ensure the complete confidentiality of your information. Chatters representatives sign non-disclosure, and non-solicitation agreements further protecting you and your customers.

Ready to start providing better customer experience?