Whether you’re juggling a variety of responsibilities at once or starting a new venture, or whether you’re a seasoned veteran who runs a big enterprise; as your business amplifies, you’ll begin to feel the need to enhance your customer service efforts and appoint more team members. When it comes to lead generation or customer support on your website in the form of live chat, you question whether you should hire an in-house team or invest in live chat outsourcing? This is one of the most important considerations for any business. To help you make a decision, we’ve made a list of certain questions you should address.

Are you equipped with the right resources to invest in continuous training and coaching?

Training and coaching are imperative for any team in a firm and is beneficial for improving employee morale, engagement, productivity, and compliance with quality standards. However, it entails substantial costs. Ask yourself, are you ready to make this investment?

Can you guarantee that your in-house team will be available 24/7?

Usually, your in-house team will be employed on a 9 to 5 basis, and will likely take breaks in between. However, the chat agents of a live chat agency are available 24/7, which is a big advantage.

Can you hire a whole new live chat team?

Coming up with a whole new live chat team comprises a plethora of factors. Why not partner with a live chat agency instead of spending your money and time on recruiting an in-house live chat team?

Can your infrastructure support an in-house chat team?

Some big enterprises might have the resources and office space to build their in-house chat support team. However, building a team requires perseverance, patience, and a whole lot of investments and resources. Will you be willing to invest in the resources and infrastructure required to set up a new team?

Can your in-house team adapt as your business grows?

If your sales and marketing team are devoting countless hours to grow your business, it is only fair that you have the right customer support to back these efforts. But can your in-house team adapt as your business grows? A live chat agency can.

Can your in-house team guarantee unbiased quality control?

The quality checks and reports of your in-house team may be a little biased in favor of their own performance. However, with a live chat agency, success can be easily measured with the client satisfaction rating – completely free of bias.

Can your in-house team offer you chat insights?

An outsourced live chat agency offers clients a comprehensive analysis of every chat. This information is priceless as it offers insights into consumer purchase decisions, usually assisting companies in improving or updating their service offerings or business model to increase conversions. Would your in-house team be able to do that?

If you’ve answered most of these questions as ‘no,’ get rid of all the complexities that come with hiring an in-house team and invest in live chat outsourcing. Chatters is your go-to place for this purpose, give us a call now!