Did you get your question answered immediately the last time you were on a live chat, or did they ask you to give your email address for their reply? Chances are, you had to wait.

Live chat is a brilliant technology, which is used properly, can move visitors down the sales funnel more quickly – but unless you carefully think about implementation, it could leave your customers disappointed.

Chatbots were created to bridge human limitations. While sophisticated chatbots may be quite responsive, they have still limitations. In fact, the majority of them can’t even provide answers beyond what they have been taught to say.

So, which one should you get: Chatbots or human live chat operators? Let’s find out.


Is there any customer agent that can stay on live chat 24/7? Nope. Plus, it isn’t humanely possible either. This is where chatbots beat live chat as it they can stay online for as long as possible, offering customers with instant responses. If your business isn’t live 24/7, you can lose potential customers.

Chatbots doesn’t require human supervision

Chatbots can operate without human intervention. That’s right; a chatbot can carry on the conversation for several minutes without requiring any help from a human, saving you energy, time, and of course, money. This saved time can be spent on taking care of other important tasks.

Cost efficiency

Assuming that your firm receives a huge number of web visitors per day, a single live chat agent couldn’t even think of handling all of them. You’ll need more agents and have to spend additional time and money into training them. In comparison, chatbots are cheaper and easier to install.

Ease of use

Often, live chats appear complex, with two interfaces. With chatbots, it’s an entirely different ball game. There is a unified interface where customers chat with your bot, and you have the power to make your chatbot smarter, training it without switching the interface.


Chatbot is amazing. Imagine that there are hundreds of customers that require your attention, but there is a single live chat agent to answer questions. This will leave many of your customers waiting, which will frustrate them. Most definitely, they’ll give up and switch to your competitor. With chatbots, lots of customers may simultaneously be attended.

Response time

With chatbots, multiple customers get real-time solutions to their queries, thereby improving the overall customer experience. Unfortunately, same can’t be said for live chats.

At Chatters, we combine chatbots with human live chat operators to give your customers the best customer service they can think of. Contact us now and give your business a boost!